Christians Can Win the Culture War

This publication is designed to help you become extraordinarily skilled in communication, especially if you are a Christian and a Culture Warrior—that is to say, an advocate of truth in whatever sphere you are able to have an impact.

My goal is to equip you to be even better than you already are at debate and persuasion, and at the moral reasoning that goes behind it. 

I will help you craft your arguments. And more than that: I will help you build your public platform if that is what you desire to have.

Christians need to get off the sidelines.

I know you’re concerned about how far our society and our churches have been falling away from godliness.

You’re looking for a way to fight back, and it feels like you’re standing on the sidelines, not knowing what you can do beyond a fairly small circle of influence. It’s a helpless feeling, and this is not the way Christian life should be.

The idea of standing on the sidelines never seemed like a good option to me. That’s why for years I’ve been going all in, learning by doing, and finding out what it takes to get a message to the world. 

I’ve worked with some of the top voices fighting against the radical leftist trends, and I’ve seen what it takes to gain—and to keep—the attention of Christians across the country.

The truth is, there are not enough soldiers in this battle. And here’s why: Very few people have the vision for what it would look like to get off of the sidelines and become a soldier in this new and dangerous battle that churches and the society are facing today.

I’ve been there. Here’s what it takes to overcome that challenge. It’s three things:

-You need a rock solid understanding of what your message is and how you will deliver it.

-You need to understand and be able use the best strategic practices for attracting an audience.

-You need a way to create income while you’re getting your message out. That way, your project can grow.

When you implement those three things, you will begin to have a greater impact. You’ll finally be off of the sidelines.

So this publication is about theology and morality. But it is also about online business. Because there is a demand for truth. It is a great commitment to become a public champion for true ideas, and you should be getting paid to do it if you’re serious about having an expanding range of influence.

We’re going to cover how to craft your message and create and expand your online enterprise so you can get your message to the people who need it. 

You CAN persuade people—Prayerfully, you can play a part in bringing God’s truth to the world and in bringing fear and silence to those who stand against the truth.

And in this publication you’re going to get a plan for how to do it. 

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